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Mom Save America

Nov 25, 2019

Tina and Kerry momtemplate the need to get and keep your head out of your butt. Knowing is more painful but it is the only way we can fix anything. Tina interviews the Executive Director and Founder of Uncommon Threads, Susan Kanoff. Her mission of helping disadvantaged women find their voice through fashion and feeling...

Nov 18, 2019

Tina, Kerry and special guest Jane Ellis from Plain Jane Design momtemplate the discovery channel's docuseries, Why we hate. America needs a middle ground because people need a place to come together. Could Mayor Pete provide that place? If you could send one sentence to your self ten years back what would it be?...

Nov 10, 2019

Tina and Kerry momtemplate probiotics, just do it people! Why the hell did freshman congresswoman Katie Hill resign? Nude photos are just the beginning of the next generations' indiscretions. Finally why c women do not support other women. We need to fix this.  A coffee cruise crush with some unlikeable women.

Nov 4, 2019

Tina and Kerry momtemplate the brain-gut connection. You have a second brain, take care of it. The microbiome is that family of organisms living in your belly doing all kinds of work to keep you healthy or unhealthy as the case may be. This episode includes my interview with Senior Vice Presiden fro Advancement at...